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                Modern Brand Operation

                Medfron has always been committed to being a top-class brand operator for pharmaceutical products in China by selecting products with great market competitiveness, creating medicine theories and product strategies, innovating marketing mode, implementing efficiency management and integrating business resources.

                • Ever since it founded, Medfron has insisted to choose essential clinical products as its core competitiveness. For 10 years, it has been focusing on severe infections, creating numerous famous antibiotic brands in China. And its business has been extended to early pathogen diagnosis and the late nutrition support, trying to develop a whole solution to severe infection and become a top class brand in severe infection management. 

                • Its subsidiary company, HAIHE Pharma, is a famous TCM brand with 300-year heritage. After the wholly owned by Medfron, it takes its unique products as a marketing breakthrough, which takes Xiaoer Changweikang Keli as a core pediatric TCM brand, Fufang Ganmao Jiaonang and Fufang Ganmao Pian as core OTC brand, leading HAIHE to be a nationally known TCM brand. 

                Medfron is trying to be a top-class brand operator for pharmaceutical products in China with its advantages in solution, core competitiveness and marketing support.

                Address :Room706,Building TianYu,GuangMing road No.11,DongCheng District BeiJing City   Phone: 010-51902170    Fax: 010-51902170-8123 

                Beijing Medfron Medicina Technology Co.,Ltd| 京ICP备15042946号-1