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                Modern Manufacture Technology and Process

                Medfron has always kept Guarantee the Medicine Quality and Manufacture with Clear Conscience as its memo, and the company manufacture medicine with high efficacy and safety for patients by using modern manufacture technology and process and strictly checking at each section

                HAIHE Pharma, as a wholly owned secondary subsidiary company of Medfron, is responsible for the manufacture of Chinese traditional patent medicine (CTPM)and health food.

                Advanced Equipment & Perfect QC System

                As a manufacturing base of Medfron, HAIHE Pharm ensure that the whole process from material supply, manufacturing process to the release of products is consistent with all requirements of the newest edition GMP by adopting the advanced equipments and first-class QC concept. Furthermore, Medfron is trying to be in line with international standard and to a manufacturing standard maker.

                Address :Room706,Building TianYu,GuangMing road No.11,DongCheng District BeiJing City   Phone: 010-51902170    Fax: 010-51902170-8123 

                Beijing Medfron Medicina Technology Co.,Ltd| 京ICP备15042946号-1