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                Innovation R&D Pattern

                For the long-run development strategy, Medfron has taken some merger and acquisition activities and share participating activities in many research and manufacturing enterprises, trying to research new medicine products by independent development, cooperative development and commissioned development, etc. And this kind of innovation is a key channel for the new products. 

                All subordinate research and development institutions of Medfron have strong new drug research and development abilities. At present, there are 12 products in the stage of project determination, agreement ratification, clinical research application, clinical trials or manufacturing license application, among which 2 are independently developed products, 4 are cooperatively developed products and 6 are commissioned developed products. Zuopeng (Piperacillin Sodium and Tazobactam Sodium for Injection), as a Medfron leading developed, cooperative manufactured brand, has been marketing for many years with perfect performance.

                R&D Platform

                • Beijing WanPengLangGe pharmaceutical technology co., LTD, as a wholly owned company of Medfron, is responsible for the drug R&D work. WanPengLangGe is facilitated with marketing department, registration department, drug synthesis department, preparation department and analysis department. The laboratory covers an area of about 1000 square meters. WanPengLangGe has an experienced R&D team, covering several therapeutic areas, such as anti-infection drugs, antineoplastic drugs, cardiovascular system drugs, nervous system drugs, antidiabetic drug, gastrointestinal tract and digestive system drugs. By now, it has submitted multiple drug patent applications.

                • Zhejiang Senmai Biological Technology co., LTD. and Ningbo Jinei Biological Technology co., LTD. as Medfron participating share companies, are working on the medical products in infection related areas. At the same time, Medfron is also entrusted by Beijing Laneva Pharma and Zhejiang Anglikang Pharmaceutical co. LTD, responsible for the R&D work of new drug in other areas.

                Address :Room706,Building TianYu,GuangMing road No.11,DongCheng District BeiJing City   Phone: 010-51902170    Fax: 010-51902170-8123 

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