This course offers an introduction to Classical Mythology, chiefly Greek myth. We begin with a general introduction, including relevant terms and chronology. We'll then proceed to Hesiod's account of Creation in the Theogony and read Ovid's version alongside it. We'll then move on to explore the pantheon and each of the major gods in turn. Having dealt with Zeus and his kin, we'll read about the heroes and the nature of heroism in myth. Our transition to heroism will begin with Homer's Iliad, in which will confront the wrath of Achilles and the obstinacy of Agamemnon. We'll end our readings with the Odyssey and the voyage of Odysseus.

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Fall 2013 Syllabus

Weekly Lecture Outlines:

Outline 1: Myth and History

Outline 2: Creation, Birth of Zeus

Outline 3: Olympian Gods, Religion

Outline 4: Poseidon, Athena, Aphrodite

Outline 5: Artemis, Apollo

Outline 6: Hermes, Dionysus

Outline 7: Hades, Underworld

Outline 8: The Iliad I

Outline 9: The Iliad II

Outline 10: The Odyssey