This course offers an introduction to classical Latin. The goal is to learn the essential grammar and vocabulary and to apply that knowledge to the translation of simple sentences and short stories. The rewards of Latin are inestimable, but suffice it to say that knowledge of the language empowers you to use English with greater precision and purpose, to understand better the roots of English, and to read and appreciate some of the best and most influential literature out there.

Classes include lectures on features of the grammar and vocabulary of Latin, and translation of sentences in class. It is essential that you come to class having done your homework (Lat. acceptum).

Note: This class requires a great deal of memorization. You must learn allof the grammatical forms and vocabulary thoroughly each week, or you will become overwhelmed by the ever-mounting mass of material. There are no short-cuts to this. No make-it-easy apps or computer programs. All you need is your mind, a pencil, and piece of paper. Bring those and you'll eventually learn to read Vergil.


Fall 2013 Syllabus